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How Buying an Ebook Cover Online Can Save you Both Time and Money

How Buying an Ebook Cover Online Can Save you Both Time and Money

Easier said than done. Not only the people judge the book by the cover but this is one of the main things they look when considering if they want to read it or no. You may think that this is a superficial approach and there is more to a book that just a picture on the first page. And generally there is but put yourself in somebody else shoes for a moment. You go to the bookstore and have a limited time to choose what you want to buy.

As we all know people are visual creatures and they will gravitate towards the books that can catch their eye. And the cover does exactly that. Catches the eye of the reader and makes them interested in the content. So when writing your book o Ebook you have a responsible job to now only write interesting content but to choose a cover that speaks volumes. Cover that can trigger something and make it interesting for the reader.

So you are writing your first, second or tenth eBook now.  You have worked hard to make the best of your text, proofread it, edited and changed it were it was necessary. And now the hard part of trying to explain your work to someone who has never heard about you and what you have to say. How can you do that and not crack to the pressure.

Hiring a designer for your book design can be one of the best or one of the worst thing that you can do. While hired designer can make your story come alive in just one page it can also confuse you and make you miss the point of your entire story  If you are not a designer yourself it can be hard to communicate with them and achieve your desired goal. Not to mention that designers cost a lot of money. So what can you do in this situations.

Whit the constant growth of the eBook Market and the high demand for this books a lot of people find comfort in buying Ebook cover online.

This new trend is saving time and money and it is so easy. This can sound scary but there are sites that offer templates of already designed one of a kind covers. All you have to do is choose from the thousands of designs and what is left to do is put the name of the book and your name. Only you will have the rights and only can use this template.

One of the advantages of choosing to buy your cover is that you will get inspiration even if you didn’t have one when starting to look at templates. With a lot of choices you will get an idea of what you want for your book and what will best represent your story to the readers.

Another think to consider is the cost of this kind of design. You will spend a fraction of the cost for hiring a professional designer.

Furthermore this templates are simple and edgy. They are adapted for a wide range of topics and this kind of picture or design can tell your story perfectly. Just remember that a pictures is worth a thousand words. You just have to choose the right one for your thousand words.

So you are probably thinking that there is a catch. Actually is important to state that this ready to go designs are not less good or they offer less quality. The thing that makes them cheaper and so easy available is the communication between the author and designer. Only thing that you don’t get are back and forth opinions. The quality of the pictures and the final look don’t suffer because of it’s availability.

After deciding on your book cover, the next big thing you have to expect are the reviews from the people that made the decision to buy your book.

Why Using a Psd eBook Cover Design Template is a Good Idea

Why Using a Psd eBook Cover Design Template is a Good Idea

Everyone judges books by their covers, literally. It’s a true fact that books with good quality covers, eye-catching font and good graphics have better sales. Even though some people may assert you that book cover designs are in decline, this is not true.

The design of book covers is more popular than ever and it even has its own awards. Design Observer holds annual awards for design of book covers with a judging panel of 35 people. And this field deserves these awards because designing a book cover is time-consuming and not always satisfying.

The Internet is a great tool for finding effective and fast solutions for your designs, get feedback, exchange ideas and share documents. Pinning, sharing and liking are huge today and they do a really good advertisement for your book. This is a way for book lovers and design lovers to share their favorites.

Authors and designers have starting to use the social media as a help tool for them by sharing the design of the book cover and waiting for feedback from people before even starting the publishing.

Before starting with the cover design, first decide on the message that you are planning to send with the cover.

Think about the value proposition of your book. What your target audience is and what they expect: power and  knowledge, revenger and murder, aspiration and inspiration, passion and romance or achievements and success.

Narrow it all down to emotion, incentive and motivation. Only this way will you generate visual metaphors and ideas which will determine the choice of color palette, the imagery, the layout and typography.

What the book cover design should do is to generate excitement and grab attention. Think about the cover as the first and most important tool for advertising success. That’s why it needs to grab everyone’s attention and make them stop and take a look. It’s the best path to self-promotion. 

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the book needs to show what the genre is. Choose the right metaphor, imagery and typography to “speak” to the audience.

Minimalism is always in style. It focuses on the name of the author and the title of the book.

People enjoy visual images so pay attention the imagery of the book. Try to make it fun and playful and try different elements of the graphic design. Don’t be afraid to be bold.