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4 Verified Tips that Will Increase Your eBook Cover Value – Part Two

In the first part of this article, we talked about some layout recommendations for your ebook cover. Now it is time to talk about appeal. Here are the next two tips that will surely help you increase the value of your ebook cover.

Be smart

Regardless of its virtual size, your ebook cover must be attractive and make a great impression on your potential future readers, but also make your brand stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, the cover design must deliver a strong message and establish you as a brand on this competitive market.

All the best authors use a brand strategy that allow their fan base to instantly recognize their works, helping them boost sales with ease. When needed, different brand strategies are used for the author’s name and the book series, increasing the brand name and value even further.

Standard paper covers use a various design elements in order to create an author brand. Using various font styles and sizes, graphic elements and images or even similar placement patterns, the cover designers create an individual brand that is perfectly suited to each author. Unfortunately with the size constraints of virtual covers, the designers must use fewer elements in order to establish the visual brand.

A good ebook cover designer will use a wide array of tricks in order to make the book and the author stand apart. From small logos to distinctive colour designs, from patterns to placements, every available design choice can be used in order to make the book cover as unique as possible.

As with regular paper covers, the digital covers must also be able to transmit the true spirit of the book. A luxurious design is an excellent choice for a deluxe gourmet book, but hardly the right choice for an instructional book on home repairs.

A good ebook cover must attract all potential buyers while in the same time making the author and the book as easily recognizable as possible. With a clear design and smart graphical element positioning, your ebook cover will help you establish a brand and help your book rise above all other similar works.

Make it look real

Your eBook cover should look as real as possible. If you are aiming for great quality, you should not overlook this simple recommendation. There are now template covers available that can provide potential readers with the impression that they are holding a real book in their hands. Our 3D ebook cover templates are geared towards increasing the value of your creations, by bringing readers closer to the content of the book through a well thought out cover.


Last but not least, who should buy your ebook?

Try to find out what kind of person would be the perfect buyer and try to target them as best as possible. You may create a Buyer Persona and start to collect some data. Attached are some helpful data, but ultimately you should base your decisions on your own data…