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Ebook Template 26


By Erica

Ebook Template 26


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Everything today is about virtual experiences, and reading books was one of the first people’s favorite pastimes that turned towards the digital world. This ebook cover template is a vivid illustration of a virtual shelf and it shows how someone is placing one book among others directly on a laptop screen.

It is nothing unusual for people to take their virtual bookshelves along with them, everywhere they go. The whole point of going mobile is to be able to enjoy your favorite pastimes without any time and place restrictions. If you plan on going mobile with your books, this template will help you tell your readers you are up to the challenge.

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About The Author


From Sao Paolo Erica joined our Team. She lives actualy in New York but likes to travel and works from time to time from different workplaces all over the world. She is doing some of our designes, as well as special projects for clients.