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Ebook Template 24


By Roxy

Ebook Template 24


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Reading books is not a thing of the past, as some people thought it would become with the world of digital devices taking over. If anything, the digital revolution has helped authors a great deal, by offering them cheap means to reach a much larger audience than they would ever be able to through printed books.

The ebook template cover shows how someone places a virtual book on a real shelf, a bridge between real and virtual, since reading still remains one of the most loved pastimes in the world. Even if you are an accomplished writer in the real world, it would help you a lot to be able to take over the digital one, as well.

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About The Author


Roxy is a Senior designer with more then 7 years of experience in design. She has a Master degreee and worked for several big companies. She works as a digital nomad and is often in New York or Europe to find.