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Ebook Template 23


By Roxy

Ebook Template 23


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No matter what type of author you are, of fiction or non-fiction, your presence in online libraries is not only recommended, it is a must. Let readers discover you through your ebooks and choose an ebook cover template that illustrates how easy to access your titles are.

The template shows a hand placing a virtual book – it can be your book – back into the shelf of a public library. Hundreds of thousands of ebooks are read every day, and accessing them from online sources, including libraries, is nothing unusual. Become one of these accomplished writers, and start publishing your titles in ebook format.

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About The Author


Roxy is a Senior designer with more then 7 years of experience in design. She has a Master degreee and worked for several big companies. She works as a digital nomad and is often in New York or Europe to find.