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How to Pick the Right Ebook Cover Template for Your Next Ebook

How to Pick the Right Ebook Cover Template for Your Next Ebook

If you have just completed your eBook and you are finalizing your eBook cover template, you are surely stressing enough to make it look professional. Isn’t it? If your e-book cover template looks like a Microsoft Word creation, the sales for your much-awaited book will get affected directly and that can even put your credibility at great stake.

Most of the people who spend their time online are visually driven. So while searching the internet, if they see anything interesting they pay attention. Likewise when people browse through the book section on Amazon many of them click on the ebook cover image than the title that appears on it. After all, our eyes are drawn to the images and if you are planning to launch your new E-book, here are some of the secrets to pick the right e-book cover template for your next Ebook.

1. Design Of The Title: More than the design, it’s the picture or the color of your title that needs to be clear and easily readable. If you resize the book cover to a thumbnail and cannot read the book title, you must change it. So, try and keep the title color different than the background cover color. Look for effects such as drop shadow etc or take help from professional graphic designers to create a web curated Title Design in the bold and large font. Keep it crisp, readable, clear.

2. Cover Photo and Cover Art: At times all you need is a solid color background but mostly an Ebook cover requires something more to draw the attention of the prospective buyer. Using the illustrations or professional photo as your Ebook cover template can make you stand out among the competitors. Ensure that artwork or images are of 300dpi size quality. Always be careful of copyright issues and don’t just pick any random photo from the web. Therefore, safest best is to think custom. Therefore pick an E-cover with a unique looking cover photo or get one custom made artwork by an artist.

3. Understand What Works: Look for ideas on the same genre and see what type of cover templates you liked? What type of designs you did not like? Take notes and every time you will do that you will realize the pattern of your own taste. That way you will be able to articulate more professionally and choose a unique looking eBook cover template with the help of a professional cover designer.

4. Beware Of The Template: There are various marketers selling Gimp and Photoshop templates and claiming to create easy professional templates, but avoid that because those templates are nice looking but lots of people across the web use them and your new book will not stand out among the crowd. Therefore, get it customized as per your niche and taste. Avoid looking like someone else. If you wish to brand yourself and credibility is of utmost importance to you, pick a template that suits your theme and adds your own creative mind to come with an exclusive eCover template for your next book launch.

So, to conclude always aim to stand out in the crowd of millions of writers and make a niche of your own as an expert. Because buyers do judge a book and its writer by the “cover”. So, be judged for an amazing and professional work. It will surely make a lot of difference.