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Blog Helps You Enhance Your Self-publishing Success with Realistic eBook Covers Helps You Enhance Your Self-publishing Success with Realistic eBook Covers

Getting your foot in the door of the self-publishing industry may sound like an easy enough task. But are things really that easy for the aspiring author looking to get ahead and start publishing ebooks for a living? We created with the sole purpose of helping you along this thorny road. We offer amazing 3D ebook cover templates you can use with ease, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of self-publishing. But you do not have to take our word for it. Here are some ideas on how the use of a realistic ebook cover can greatly increase your success on this very competitive market.

Visual impact of realistic eBook Covers

We have a large collection of ebook cover templates, but they have one thing in common: they look realistic which means that your readers will get the same feeling as when purchasing a printed book online. Ebooks have plenty of advantages over printed books, since they do not use any paper and other real-life resources. Plus, they are more accessible and anyone, living almost anywhere in the world, can purchase them.

Our ebook cover templates will help you deliver the visual impact you desire for your ebooks. Your readers will get a clear idea of what your book is all about, and you will get your idea across without any issues.

You are in charge of your artwork

Using an ebook cover template does not mean that your book will look just like any other on the market. Our cover templates are designed to offer you the freedom to customize your covers as you see fit, and you will find it easy to integrate it with your own artwork. We want to help you sell more books and we know how important it is for any aspiring, and even experienced, writer to have a professional looking cover.

Low costs

Being self-published offers you tremendous freedom, but costs related to marketing and promotion can add up rather quickly. Under the circumstances, you will welcome the opportunity to cut costs. We offer you realistic ebook cover templates at very competitive prices, so you can use your budget in other meaningful ways.

You can solve a lot of issues on the spot

There are all kinds of technicalities that people need to take into consideration when designing an ebook cover. Aspect ratio, resolution, and file size are among those that can give you some serious headaches when it comes to creating it youeself. The cover templates offered on our website will solve all these issues, by coming in standard formats you can use right out of the box. With so little work left, you can focus on creating the content you want to offer your readers and leave the technical details of creating a cover to us.

Make your cover look good as a thumbnail

Our cover templates are your greatest allies when it comes to self-publishing online. Your ebook cover will even look amazing as a thumbnail, which is the practice for ebooks displayed on any virtual marketplace.

Get all the advantages of a realistic ebook cover at a great price and start focusing on what you love doing best: creating content.