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NaNoWriMo UK 2016, National Novel Writing Month 2016 UK

NaNoWriMo UK Video 2016

Hello NaNoWriMo Friends from the UK,

my name is Becky and I’m wishing you lots of energy to hang on during this intensive month of writing. But then? Do you have a plan how to sell your book? I have a great tip to increase your selling and make your book look authentic by using an eBook Cover Template from

How to beat your writer’s block

Every writer goes through this, sooner or later. The writer’s block. We found an infographic with 25 proven strategies that work. We hope there is one which will help you as well. Try it out and get back on the writing track.


25 proven tips to beat writer's block #infographic

Too old to write an eBook?

No, for sure not. It does not matter how old you are. Check the Infographic below and you will see that it is never too late to start writing. Of course it is good to start exercising your writing skills as early as possible – but if you didn’t have the chance before, you may have other advantages in the form of “life experience”, which is a great bonus for a storyteller.


It's never too late to write a bestseller #infographic

10 Ways to Promote your Self-Published eBook

Do you remember our Infographic published on the first of January? We wrote that it is a good New Year’s resolution to write an ebook, or to start any writing project. We then showed you an Infographic on how to write your ebook. If you did so, it is now time to talk about promotion, and we found another interesting Infographic on this topic. Check it out below.

Even if you are not new to writing, this may help you to promote your ebook.


10 ways to promote a self-published book #infographic

10 Reasons to Publish your eBook as a Self-Publisher

No doubt, self-publishing is booming and it is getting easier by the day. Thanks to the internet, everyone is now able to build a fan base of potential readers for an ebook. Now is the time to bring your own project to fly. eBooks are a great way to spread ideas, share stories, and for some it really generates a good additional income.

We found an interesting Infographic with 10 reasons to publish your ebook as a self-publisher. Would 2016 not be a good year to start a new project?

Top reasons to self-publish a book #infographic

Steps for a Successful EBook

It is January 1, 2016. Happy New Year. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Why not write an ebook. It is fun, even when it can be painful sometimes – but in the end you have achieved something. And to have a tangible result like this gives you a deep satisfaction. Writing an ebook and bringing it to fulfilment is great. Start by writing a 1000 words every day, or block your weekend and do a 24 hour session. Whatever suits you best, as long as you start!


The main steps for a successful ebook #infographic