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Tips for Amazon Ebook Cover Template

Tips for Amazon Ebook Cover Template

After writing the content for your ebook, the next thing is the cover. The cover is important for promoting the ebook, distributing it and doing the whole marketing procedure Take a look at these tips and see how an ebook cover template is produced as well some considerations you should keep in mind.

Authors and publishers know that cover design is really important for the success of the ebook. In the first few years, when ebooks were starting to show up, they all had very simple covers with just plain text or they didn’t even have covers. Now, an ebook without a cover would be rejected immediately by the retailers.

The cover needs to tell the story of the book, to represent the topic and the genre. And it’s not the same when designing for a printed book and for an ebook. The digital world is a bit different from the printing world and has its own requirements.

There are 3 basic shapes that you should consider when creating the design for the cover of your ebook and they are:

  • Rectangle with a 3:2 ratio: This is approximately the shape of the printed books and the optimal Kindle screen shape.
  • Rectangle with a 4:3 ratio: This is the common ratio for videos and digital photos and the ratio of the iPad screen.
  • Square with a 1:1 ratio: This is not the usual screen ratio, but it’s common for images of products on the websites. A shape like this allows you to maximize the online space for displaying.

Within the 3 different shapes, there are 4 variations of the size. Keep in mind that sizes of digital images are measure in pixels and not in cm.

  • Thumbnail. This is a very small view of the cover and it’s the most common one. But, this thumbnail is very important because it’s the one that appears in browse results when readers try to find your book an buy it. Amazon ebook cover template has the typical 80×115 pixels which on a computer is displayed as 2×3 cm.
  • E-reader screen. This is the visuals that will show up to your readers when they open your ebook on the reading device. Some might say that this screen is not very significant because readers see it only after they do the purchase and buy your book. On an iPhone and older Kindles, this will be 600×800. On older iPads and on an iPad mini, thi would be 768×1024 pixels.
  • Future-proof. Always keep a master copy with the highest resolution.

If you ask someone about the perfect size of an ebook cover template, the shortest anwer you might get is that there is no perfect size. But, a general rule now is that you upload an ebook cover that is 1600 pixels on the short side. Specifications can vary among different distributors of ebooks and can change with new devices. Adjustments are also being made constantly because of the changes that constantly happen in the digital world and because of that, you should have all ebook covers designed at 2500 pixels on the short size and 300 dpi. With this, you not just have the right size for the moment, but you are also future-proofing your work for the changes to come in the future. 

How to Find a Great eBook Cover Designer

Indie authors may see themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to creating their ebook cover designs. After all, they do not have the same budget as experienced writers with publishing houses to back thyem up. However, thanks to the many options offered by the online environment today, there are plenty of ways for them to get an ebook cover designer and create their own realistic ebook cover designs without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the options they have at their disposal.

Create your own ebook cover

It is not impossible to create your own covers with very little effort and costs. Get some cover templates and populate them with your artwork and your will have the covers of your dreams in no time. Programmes like Gimp are totally free to use and also focused on the non-tech savvy user. With a few clicks and a cover template at your fingertips, you can make a great looking realistic ebook cover that will help you land more sales.

Get a digital artist to work for you

If you are looking for something that really stands out, you can always hire a digital artist to create your ebook cover. You can find such artists on freelancing websites, or on creation oriented websites like DeviantArt. Be aware that the costs may vary, depending on the complexity of the ebook cover you want designed and on the skill level of the artist you intend to hire. There are some ups and downs to this strategy, since you are not in total control of the end result. Keep in mind that revisions may cost you extra so make sure you have a clear strategy on how to tackle such issues.

Hire someone to put together your cover templates with stock images

If the two options above are not exactly up your alley, but you still want to get a realistic ebook cover, you may have a mix of the two. You can always hire someone to use stock photos with the cover templates you provide them with, so that the end result looks professional. While these artists may not be on par with digital painters, they are completely capable of providing you with a great outcome that you will be proud of.

The main advantage of using cover templates and stock images is that the end result will look realistic. Especially if you want to publish non-fiction books, this last recommended strategy is the best. Of course, this is something you can create on your own, without having to pay someone else to do it. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to keep your options open, especially if you are a busy person and you do not have time to figure out how photo editing software programs work in order to do this on your own.

Now that you know how to find a great ebook cover designer, don’t waste any more time. The sooner you start, the more copies of your digital creations you will begin selling.


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