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5 Elements of a Perfect Ebook Cover

5 Elements of a Perfect Ebook Cover

Creating a perfect ebook cover that will make your book look serious and professional can be quite tricky, especially for young beginners.

Your ebook cover must not look like you have done it by using Word, because the sales of the book that you have written and were eager to show and sell to the world are definitely not going to become very high. The visual side of the written word (i.e. the ebook cover) plays a very important role in the sales of one book.

The first thing that you need to worry about is the design of the title. It should be easily readable. You should always make the title of the book in a different coloration than what you are about to place in the background.

Apart from that, opt for adding interesting effects. One of the most outstanding effects that will definitely make a difference in the entire aesthetic of the cover is the drop shadow. The title of the book should always be large enough to be read easily. The font should be concise and bold. Get a bit creative and do not simply go for a “Calibri” or an “Arial”. However, choose a font that will look perfect with the background image. As a conclusion, always go for a readable and clear title design.

The second secret is the art. When we say art, we actually mean photos, too.

In some cases, a minimalistic and solid colored photograph is the only thing you will need to sell a certain book. In other cases, you need a colorful illustration.

Always consult with a graphic designer if you are uncertain what you need to do with the art that will be placed on the cover. If you pick a photo, do not forget about the copyright laws depending on the state/country where you are printing your book. Never go for a cliché photograph if you want to have a bestseller. Get more creative and if you have some money on the side, hire a professional graphic designer or an artist.

The third secret is the branding, especially if you already own a business or if you work in a particular place. You might consider using the same fonts, graphics and even placing a logo at the end of the cover. You can also use imagery that you already use in your company. That way, your book will be easily connected to it.

Forth thing to think about is exploring. You have to know what is popular in the particular genre of yours. You should also know about your personal preference. Explore some art and start writing down important notes. A pattern will definitely emerge, regarding the fact that your taste is going to get fully formed after a while.

The fifth thing you need to know is not to go for a simple template. Buying a template ebook cover might not be the right thing to do, especially if you are beginner. After all, it is a template and many people can also buy the same template, even if they decide to personalize it, the basics such as the colors, fonts etc. are going to be the same.