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December 2016

 Criteria of Selfselling eBook Cover

 Criteria of Selfselling eBook Cover

Selfselling e-book cover serves as an emotional, strategic and visual glance to everything that you have written. If you have decided to self-sell your personalized e-book cover, then you need to know a couple of things.

The first thing you need to know that a second glance to your personalized cover might be your opportunity for persuading a person to become a reader one day. Everybody knows that even though we do not want to admit, we do judge books by looking at their covers. If the cover is beautifully designed, you might as well expect that the content hidden behind that cover might be fantastic. So, if you decide to selfsell your cover, make sure it is truly the best one.

There are some covers that will make you feel astounded or even curious, and there are some covers that you will not look at twice in your life. The Sherlock Holmes Memoirs e-book cover is truly striking, and by looking at it, you will feel the urge to actually by the e-book and read it in a glance. It is exciting and different than all of the other e-books and it certainly peaks a lot of curiosity.

The most important thing when it comes to e-book covers is to create a short list that will consist of any kinds of features that you prefer, as well as all those features that can truly make your e-book popular enough. Designing an e-book might be more complex than you have expected in the first place.

If you want to successfully sell an e-book, then you should think about the entire package, not just parts of it. Think of the perfect coloring, negative space, typography, image style, the written words and everything else that pops in your mind. After that, you will need to find the perfect place to sell your e-book cover, right? There are a lot of web pages online, but you must always strive for the best ones. After all, you do not want your e-book to be seen just by two people on the Internet, right?

In the end, everything goes to one thing, and that is – selling more e-books than expected. You want to achieve more than your expectations you had in the beginning, and that is why you need to be creative. If you do not have any idea and want to get some inspiration, browse through Kindle and look around for some clues on how to selfsell the perfect e-book cover. If you want to be successful in it, you should also consider talking to a graphic designer, because they will help you nail the right way of creating and successfully selling an e-book cover depending on the content behind the cover.

Why Using a Psd eBook Cover Design Template is a Good Idea

Why Using a Psd eBook Cover Design Template is a Good Idea

Everyone judges books by their covers, literally. It’s a true fact that books with good quality covers, eye-catching font and good graphics have better sales. Even though some people may assert you that book cover designs are in decline, this is not true.

The design of book covers is more popular than ever and it even has its own awards. Design Observer holds annual awards for design of book covers with a judging panel of 35 people. And this field deserves these awards because designing a book cover is time-consuming and not always satisfying.

The Internet is a great tool for finding effective and fast solutions for your designs, get feedback, exchange ideas and share documents. Pinning, sharing and liking are huge today and they do a really good advertisement for your book. This is a way for book lovers and design lovers to share their favorites.

Authors and designers have starting to use the social media as a help tool for them by sharing the design of the book cover and waiting for feedback from people before even starting the publishing.

Before starting with the cover design, first decide on the message that you are planning to send with the cover.

Think about the value proposition of your book. What your target audience is and what they expect: power and  knowledge, revenger and murder, aspiration and inspiration, passion and romance or achievements and success.

Narrow it all down to emotion, incentive and motivation. Only this way will you generate visual metaphors and ideas which will determine the choice of color palette, the imagery, the layout and typography.

What the book cover design should do is to generate excitement and grab attention. Think about the cover as the first and most important tool for advertising success. That’s why it needs to grab everyone’s attention and make them stop and take a look. It’s the best path to self-promotion. 

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the book needs to show what the genre is. Choose the right metaphor, imagery and typography to “speak” to the audience.

Minimalism is always in style. It focuses on the name of the author and the title of the book.

People enjoy visual images so pay attention the imagery of the book. Try to make it fun and playful and try different elements of the graphic design. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

How to Create Outstanding Ebook Cover with a Template

How to Create Outstanding Ebook Cover with a Template

An eye-catching e-book cover is a strategic, emotional and visual look into the content of your book. If you plan on designing your cover on your e-book, there are some things you should consider.

But, this is not only about having an e-book with a professional looking cover. It’s an important part of the process of writing the story and designing the cover that represents the content of the book.

It’s important because the book cover might be the only chance you’ve got with some readers to persuade them into buying your book and reading it. In the literary world, books are truly judged by their covers. A boring cover will make readers think that the content is also boring, even if the content might be the best one in the world.

Read on for some things that you should keep on your mind when diving into the world of designing your own cover. 

Get Inspiration

Before starting with the first step, browse a bit on the Internet and inspire yourself. You can even visit the local library or bookstore and check out some book covers.  Good idea is to also take photos so that later, you can take a look at them again and see what’s the things that most attracts your eye.

Create a list of all the things that show up as most popular in your likes of book covers. Think about typography, info on the cover, negative space, colouring and typography.

But, also take a look at the book covers that you really don’t like and try to find the thing in all those covers that makes you not liking them. This way, you’ll know what not to use in your design.

The cover needs to be in the right size

Here, there are 3 things that need to be considered – file size, resolution and aspect ratio. The aspect ratio always needs to be in pixels. If you think this is pretty complicated, prepare yourself beforehand with some instructions and tutorials so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of the design process.

Readers of different sites and social platforms have different preferences every, so you should also think about having more than one book cover to use on different platforms and web sites. So, always keep as master copy of the original file of the template so that you can add changes whenever you need to.

Amazon now has new size recommendations so you will need to create the cover in a dimension higher than 2820 pixels. If you decide to go with the skinny look and version you will use the 2828×4500 recommended size, but for a 6×9 proportion, you should use 3200×4800 pixels. If you go through the different books on Amazon, you will notice that most of the authors choose the 6×9 dimensions and don’t really like the thin version.

Barnes & Noble still ask for a smaller size but you can easily downsize it to 1600×2400, but the file needs to be less than 2MB.

Use a correct image

If you decide to use an image or not – that’s your choice. But, if you do decide to use, then there are some things that you should think about.

The most important one – forget about the stock photos, they are cliché and monotonous. You don’t want to find another writer with the similar cover like yours. Also, if you are not a pro at Photoshop, don’t play too much with the image.