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November 2016

ebook cover

5 Things to Have in Mind before Creating an Ebook Cover with a Template

Choosing and making the cover for your eBook can be as defining as writing it. Ok, maybe not to you, but the thing about not judging the book by its cover is pretty much invalid with the invention of advertising. So of course you need to put a lot of thought about when creating your eBook cover with a template. Even choosing the right template can be defining, especially if you are not a pro with designing. Here are the five crucial things you need to have in mind before you go on in creating your eBook cover with a template.

1. Know the specifics and choose the right template

Make sure you know the dimensions that your template needs to be in. This is probably the most important as it is the only one that cannot be fixed, adjusted or compromise. The dimensions are given and need to be followed. So make sure you know the exact ones before you go on to choosing your template. After that you can choose the template onto which you want to create your eBook cover.

2. Know your book

Keep in mind what kind of eBook you are creating a cover for. If you are to look around the eBook store you are going to notice that different genres of eBooks have somewhat similar covers. So you can basically distinguish a horror, mystery, romance or self-help eBook just by their type of cover. This is good to keep in mind. Even if you are looking to break the mold and want your eBook not to have a typical mystery, horror or romance cover, you should know which mold you are breaking. Which leads us to the next rule

3. Know what you want

  This one is all on you. No one can tell you what kind of cover you need. Whatever you are expecting from the cover of your eBook you should decide before you start creating it. Look around and see what’s out there, search for inspiration and take notes. Maybe even do a sketch to see what looks good for you.

4. Keep in mind the size

Now this is completely different than the dimensions of the template you are going to need. This is for you to take note of how big the size of those eBook covers on Amazon look. When marketed eBooks show in rather small thumbnails. So know that your design should be visible and readable even in small size. You are going to want people to be able to make out something of the book even when they see it in small size at first glance.

5. You need a test audience

You might be able to do this alone, but not without an opinion. This is where your friends and family come in play. It is good to have a diverse group of test audience but when choosing one try to have at least some members that match the target audience for your book. That way you can get different and relevant opinions every step of the way.

How to Buy Ebook Cover Template that Fits your Needs

How to Buy Ebook Cover Template that Fits your Needs

Marketing your eBook might not be as important as writing it, but it can make just the same difference as to whether people read it or not. So when presenting it to other people it’s very important you have the right eBook cover to do it right. EBook cover templates can be bought all over the internet, and that’s the easy part, but finding one that would perfectly suit your eBook takes a bit of thinking.

1. What do you want the cover to say

Or in other words, have an idea of what you are looking for. An eBook cover template comes mostly blank and it is up to you to add the elements. They layout may be different so if you have an idea that would involve more text you should look something that would work to incorporate that. If you want a large image look for that. Keep in mind that your eBook cover has to be visible on tablets, readers and mobile devices so you are going to want to make it readable.

2. The feel of it all

Usually when you think of business eBooks a certain type of cover comes to mind, same goes for when you think of romance novels or mystery books, they all follow a certain design layout that help us recognize what kind of book we’re dealing with. This is a good thing to keep in mind when buying an eBook cover template. Would the template be easy to translate into a design that fits your eBook? This is important because you want a design that will tell people what your book is about and get their interest from the first look. So if your book is a romance novel, for example, maybe google romance novels eBook covers and you will get inspired and know which direction to take.

3. Know your skills

If you are planning on designing your own cover, then you should evaluate how good you are at designing and how proficient are your computer skills. If you have basic knowledge then perhaps you should buy the eBook cover template that has the simplest layout to work with. You don’t have to get in over your head. When designing an eBook cover it’s better to get the simple layout and make it professional looking than getting a layout that is more difficult to work with and then making it look extremely amateur.

4. Know your specifications

This is the tedious part of the work, but it is probably the one you cannot afford to mess up. You need the know the height and width of your book, and with some templates even page number. It’s pretty simple, you or your publisher probably already know this information so don’t forget to use it. Get out there and get the perfect template to make the most of your eBook cover design.

How to Select the Right Blank Ebook Cover Template

How to Select the Right Blank Ebook Cover Template

Ebooks are really popular right now, with eBook readers on the front display of the most popular book stores in the world. So it is no surprise that when marketing your eBook you need to have a proper cover done that will help your book get around in the digital world. After all, promotion is a big part of being a writer today.  The good thing is, you are in luck, you can find and download a blank eBook cover template online and use it to build up on and create your eBook cover. The truth is, this has never been easier, and all you need is a basic set of skills and an idea.

The steps are quite simple and easy, you download a blank template, and then you add the title, text and background image for the cover. So the first thing you need to do is choose the template. It is important to look around and choose the best black eBook cover template for your book. Even though you might think there isn’t much of a difference between blank templates, if promoting your book the right way is important to you, you should do your homework.

First of all, you should know the size you need. Check with your published if your eBook cover need to be a specific size and resolution so you can pick wisely. Other than that you should take note of the page count. This is really important as you do not want to be stuck with a black eBook cover template that doesn’t match your book. These technical questions are the first ones you need to have answered when choosing. A design might not be good or to the best of your liking, but things like this can actually complicate and sabotage your promotion or work with your publisher.

Second, even though the ebook cover template IS BLANK there are still quite a few to choose from. Look at your options carefully. Keep in mind the design you want to do on the cover and think about which layout would be best for it. If you are choosing a 3D blank eBook cover template you should check if the resolution is good and if the file is fit for a design software you can work in.

Third, think about what type of book you are designing a cover for. Is it a business manual, self-help book, student book, a novel etc? So while a business manual or a student book might work with a larger, thinner design, a novel or a self-help book would definitely look better on a proper thick book design.

So whatever you choose you should look at your options and choose the design that will work for and not against your book. Choose something that you think you will have no difficulties to work with, and get creating. The future of your book might depend on it.

NaNoWriMo UK 2016, National Novel Writing Month 2016 UK

NaNoWriMo UK Video 2016

Hello NaNoWriMo Friends from the UK,

my name is Becky and I’m wishing you lots of energy to hang on during this intensive month of writing. But then? Do you have a plan how to sell your book? I have a great tip to increase your selling and make your book look authentic by using an eBook Cover Template from