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October 2016

Tips for Amazon Ebook Cover Template

Tips for Amazon Ebook Cover Template

After writing the content for your ebook, the next thing is the cover. The cover is important for promoting the ebook, distributing it and doing the whole marketing procedure Take a look at these tips and see how an ebook cover template is produced as well some considerations you should keep in mind.

Authors and publishers know that cover design is really important for the success of the ebook. In the first few years, when ebooks were starting to show up, they all had very simple covers with just plain text or they didn’t even have covers. Now, an ebook without a cover would be rejected immediately by the retailers.

The cover needs to tell the story of the book, to represent the topic and the genre. And it’s not the same when designing for a printed book and for an ebook. The digital world is a bit different from the printing world and has its own requirements.

There are 3 basic shapes that you should consider when creating the design for the cover of your ebook and they are:

  • Rectangle with a 3:2 ratio: This is approximately the shape of the printed books and the optimal Kindle screen shape.
  • Rectangle with a 4:3 ratio: This is the common ratio for videos and digital photos and the ratio of the iPad screen.
  • Square with a 1:1 ratio: This is not the usual screen ratio, but it’s common for images of products on the websites. A shape like this allows you to maximize the online space for displaying.

Within the 3 different shapes, there are 4 variations of the size. Keep in mind that sizes of digital images are measure in pixels and not in cm.

  • Thumbnail. This is a very small view of the cover and it’s the most common one. But, this thumbnail is very important because it’s the one that appears in browse results when readers try to find your book an buy it. Amazon ebook cover template has the typical 80×115 pixels which on a computer is displayed as 2×3 cm.
  • E-reader screen. This is the visuals that will show up to your readers when they open your ebook on the reading device. Some might say that this screen is not very significant because readers see it only after they do the purchase and buy your book. On an iPhone and older Kindles, this will be 600×800. On older iPads and on an iPad mini, thi would be 768×1024 pixels.
  • Future-proof. Always keep a master copy with the highest resolution.

If you ask someone about the perfect size of an ebook cover template, the shortest anwer you might get is that there is no perfect size. But, a general rule now is that you upload an ebook cover that is 1600 pixels on the short side. Specifications can vary among different distributors of ebooks and can change with new devices. Adjustments are also being made constantly because of the changes that constantly happen in the digital world and because of that, you should have all ebook covers designed at 2500 pixels on the short size and 300 dpi. With this, you not just have the right size for the moment, but you are also future-proofing your work for the changes to come in the future. 

Which Amazon eBook Cover Templates Work Best

Which Amazon eBook Cover Templates Work Best

When designing a cover for a printed book, publishers and authors give it a great deal of attention, because everyone knows that even though you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, you still kind of do judge a book by its cover. And even though ebooks came long after printed editions, the ebook cover has come a long way too. It used to be that an ebook cover would have a simple text cover and that would suffice, or even worse, it would be just a smaller, sometimes stretched to different format, version of the print cover. But recently, and it’s really for the better, that this has changed drastically. Ebook covers get the proper design treatment for the best online promotion.

When you take a look at the different ebook covers at Amazon, you can see that some covers catch your attention better than others. There is no denying that some have made the adjustment to fit the digital world and some have not, and are paying the price for it.

On Amazon you can find designs in two formats, a small thumbnail, which is 60 x 90 pixels and a larger thumbnail, which is 300 pixel high.  Of course it’s easier to work with a larger format, but you need to take both into account when choosing your ebook cover template and designing your cover. Here are a few tips on how to be on the winning side of the Amazon ebook cover display.

Keep it legible

When choosing your ebook cover template keep in mind the preview sizes on Amazon. You have to use that. You then need a template which will keep the design simple, but true to the feel of the book, and you want a template with clean big lettering. You want people to be able to read the title of the book from the preview image. Keep this in mind when choosing a design. Many ebook covers have the have the same cover as the printed edition, which is a fatal flaw, because when sized down to the eBook version tells you nothing of the book itself.

Minimalism works best

Think of it as if you are working on a small canvas. Of course you are not going to paint a sized down Caravaggio on it. With ebook covers minimalism does work best. So you have to remember when choosing your ebook cover template that less is more, and smart design is the key. You want have a cover with few elements that speak more, rather than an overcrowded cover where you can’t make out the different elements.

The right palette is everything

One last thing you have to worry about is the color palette. Your ebook cover should have colors that are distinctive from each other rather than ones that blend in. You want people to be able to make out the elements and wording of your ebook cover. So choose your ebook template wisely and make the best of it.

Why you Should Use 3D eBook Covers for an eBook

Why you Should Use 3D eBook Covers for an eBook

There’s one saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But in the world that we currently live in, covers of ebooks are really important and yes, we judge the books by their covers. No matter if the book is in ePub format, a Kindle version or a PDF, the design of the cover is really important. Even if you decide to give it away for free, still you need a good cover.

Whenever you start designing the 3D cover, the starting point is the flat, 2D cover. But the process of designing is time-consuming and requires a lot of skill, so you have to be prepared and know what’s expected of you. If you know how to work in Photoshop, you can use it for the design of your cover. However, some authors like to give that honour to professionals and let them do their magic, whilst the authors stick with what they know best – writing stories and books. The possibilities for 3D ebook cover designs are endless, and you should explore a bit before you decide which one is the best for you.

Sometimes, it can be hard choosing the right 3D ebook cover design, because there are so many book designs and cover templates available to choose from. But, there are some things that you should always keep in mind, such as keeping the design of the cover plain and and not to insert too many images and text. Just the book title, your name and one image will do just fine. 

The 3D design will help you make your book look more attractive to readers. You can promote it on your website, as this is how it will catch readers’ attention. Ultimately you want your book to be sold and read by your audience.

So remember, you need the 2D design as a starting point for the 3D cover design. Package sells nowadays, so promote the book together with the 3D cover design on websites and blogs. If you feel you won’t do a good job of the design, have someone else do the magic for you. Create amazing 3D book covers by always keeping the design plain and simple (book title, name and image), and try to keep the connection between the story and the theme of the book with your 3D book cover design.

Advantage of Using 3D eBook Cover Psd Template

Advantage of Using 3D eBook Cover Psd Template

As an author you should think about the advantages that a 3D ebook cover may bring to your blogs, social media networks and also, for use as promotional cover on your websites. When compared to the 2D ebook covers, it is clear that 3D ebook covers bring more professionalism to the campaign. 

With a 3D image books become more unique and authentic, and readers start seeing the book as a tangible, real object, which certainly increases the sales of the book. Since self-publishing has become so popular, the Internet offers various services which allow for authors to create and edit 3D ebook cover.

Starting from scratch

There are many ebook services, as well as various software for ebook cover designing available online, that can be downloaded. Even though these software and programmes make things easier for you as an author, there are still some disadvantages:

  • It will take a lot of your time: If you, as an author, don’t have the skills needed to design a good ebook cover, you will have to spend time to learn these skills to get the desired result. And not many of you will enjoy this process. You might feel that editing your text is a better way to spend your time, than to do the job of a graphic designer.
  • Free software limits: Many of the software are free of charge, represent a shareware option or are demo products, but if you lack the skills needed to create the final product, the features available might seem too limited. So, rather than to purchase the full software, you could benefit from all the features and advantages through the help of an experienced designer.
  • Expensive software: If the software is not free, it might be too expensive for you, or in some cases it might initially be free, but then you have to pay to unlock all the features which is required for a good design.

That’s why the best way to get all the great advantages that these software offer, is to work with professional designers and let them help you in the creative process. You are the author, you have the text and the idea, share it with them and let them do wonders on the software and create the best affordable 3D ebook cover that you can imagine.

By doing this, you will get a great 3D cover, but will also have time to work on some other projects too, such as to write additional content, do some research and review text. Don’t delay your decision to be the proud owner of a 3D ebook cover right now, because a well-presented cover will get you many, many sales and people will love it.