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Why Use eBook Cover Template for Photoshop Instead of Canva

Why Use eBook Cover Template for Photoshop Instead of Canva

Writing your eBook is the first step to getting into the eBook market and profiting from it. And designing your eBook cover can be the most fun part about it. No doubt the cover is important, like it or not your potential buyers will judge your book by it. Being a graphic designer is no laughing matter, and while a professional will of course do a good job, designing an eBook cover for your own book is sometimes the most logical solution there is.

After all, you know best what you want for your book. To make your job easier and to make creating simpler you can either download an eBook cover template or use a design site such as Canva. And while Canva can work just fine for designing posters and flyers, here is why when making your eBook cover you should definitely use an eBook cover template for Photoshop.

1. Larger variety of fonts

As any designer will tell you, fonts are no laughing matter and are extremely important especially in design. Fonts can make words more powerful and they add meaning that is beyond text and will make text more visual. Canva does offer some basic fonts but cannot compare with Photoshop on this matter. Use your eBook cover template in Photoshop and make the most out of the font you use. Plus there are so many free fonts you can download for Photoshop, this way you won’t compromise, and you can find the perfect one for your eBook cover.

2. Custom dimensions and guidelines

An eBook cover template comes with guidelines and rulers for you to work with, and rightfully so. As an amateur designer, the guidelines in Photoshop will help you create your cover and will make sure you don’t put any important stuff or writing on the sides where it might not get printed. It is better to be safe than sorry and you can never be too careful. Also templates for Photoshop come in custom dimensions so you can be sure you have the right one. Some of them also come with a layout to help you in designing your cover.

3. Source file

This is key when you design your eBook cover, and this is another major reason to work with an eBook cover template for Photoshop. When designing in Photoshop you can save your file as an image, a pdf or a Photoshop file. The last one is a source file. This is great because not only are able to save your design as an image, but you will also have the working file available to make changes after. You can change your font, color, see what works and what doesn’t. You can also save multiple versions of the cover and see which one looks best, and all that with a single working file. Another thing that you can do with the Photoshop template that might come in handy is changing the dimensions without stretching the elements of the design. This will enable you to save different sizes for promoting your eBook on different platforms.