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top ebook covers 2016

Best eBook Covers we Saw in 2016

Best eBook Covers we Saw in 2016

There are all kinds of ebook covers that you can find on the Internet, regarding the fact that ebooks have become extremely popular in the past year. We have prepared a small but intriguing list of the best ebook covers that impressed us in the past year.

The first one was submitted by Damon Freeman, an ebook cover for Keith Soares’ latest book.

This is truly a dramatic, mystic and a very exciting cover. It even won the award for best cover in 2016 in the non-fiction category. There is a backlit guy on the cover, you cannot really see his face, and that is the one thing that gives this cover a different edge.

The second cover on our list was submitted by Teddi Black, for the book Coffee cherry Cocoa Pod.

It is a very vintage-looking cover with a brilliant and subtle choice of layout, details and simple yet effective fonts. There is a small illustration that makes it a bit more eclectic, but all in all, this cover is truly the winner for us. A vintage, nostalgic cover and a very tempting non-fictional subject to read about.

The third cover on our list was submitter by the writer, Aidan Read. Read’s new book, Spectrum, is a sci-fi book with thriller motives. The cover is perfect for the topic of the book. It is simple, but it has depth in it. The eye is beautiful and the spectrum of colors that is used for the cover gives the cover an ethereal touch.

Clarissa Yeo is the designer of the Inspired by Frost cover. This is a bold cover, with strong yet effective colors on it. It has some intensity to it, and it is quite different from the other covers we have come across.

Alisa Kester’s cover for her new novel is perfectly themed for the novel’s story. This is novel based on time traveling and ghost hunting, so the whole concept of the cover goes perfectly with the story that you are just about to read. The colors are subtle and the cover is simple, but it will definitely impress anyone who has a thing for gothic art. We have one thing to add, though – the font used for the author’s name looks a bit unprofessional and kind of takes away from the entire concept of the picture.

Amelia Smith designed the cover for her latest book. It kind of reminds us of the “A song of ice and fire” series by George R. R. Martin, so we are not fully impressed by it. The concept is good, though, but there is lack in color. The colors are too blank, so the picture seems easily forgettable.

Andrew Buckley’s cover seems like the perfect modern cover for a fiction novel in the 21st century. The colors are super good, and the font is perfect. All in all – it looks like a professional cover that will definitely make you feel like reading the story.