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how to find ebook covers

How to Find the Best eBook Cover for Your Book

How to Find the Best eBook Cover for Your Book

Finding a best ebook cover might be a hard task, and by some people it may be even considered as something that must be done by a professional.

After all, the cover of an ebook is literally a strategically emotional and visual glance into everything that has been written and thus, lives among the pages of your book. Some people are into designing their own ebook cover, others are into hiring other people, and others find something simple online.

However, one this is definitely crucial – your cover must look professional. The first thing you need to know is that the covers of print books and the covers of ebooks are totally different. There are drastic differences among these two diverse types of books.

Traditional publishing is another thing, and online publishing is a newer way of presenting the written word to fans all around the globe. When you are looking for the perfect ebook cover for you, you should search for something modern, something that will strike some curiosity among readers. If you are uncertain if you should go for more colors or not – always choose minimalism. There is no way you will get it wrong if you go for a minimalistic art cover.

While searching, you really need to focus on getting some inspiration on a daily basis. You can go to the local bookshops and take a couple of photos. That way, you can look at all the different styles and covers that are designed specifically for different genres.

Always keep in mind that the size is also extremely important. The dimensions, resolution, file size and aspect ratio must be in perfect order. Look around for “IndieBook Covers” and “Williams Writing” to find out more about the basic rules of creating the perfect ebook cover.

Another important thing that should never be forgotten is using the perfect image for your ebook. Always make sure that you do not overdo it in Photoshop and never go full cliché.

Nobody wants to buy a book with some tacky photograph that looks like it has just been downloaded on Google. You need to be more creative and do a little research on photography and art before you choose the image that will suit your personal ebook.

After all, people can easily recognize cliché photography, and if you want to succeed, you should never go for the cliché image. It is definitely not a good thing to find a simple photograph on Pinterest or DeviantArt and just attach it as your ebook cover.

Always go for something original, something that will catch the attention of your readers. Cheesy stock images are definitely a no when it comes to ebook covers. Subtlety is another aspect that must not be forgotten. Always use photographs that can truly set a specific mood or in some way, truly portray all of the feelings that tend to burst out of the pages of your novel.

By choosing a genuine and original ebook cover, you will attract more readers. Subtlety is that one thing that should never be forgotten, especially when it comes to the artistic side of storytelling.