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how to find ebook cover

How to Find the Right Picture for your eBook Cover Page Template

How to Find the Right Picture for your eBook Cover Page Template

Having some trouble while you are looking for the perfect picture for your ebook cover page? The first thing you need to do is stop roaming endlessly. Sometimes, you need a few tips and tricks to find the things you need, even when it comes to looking for these things on the Internet. Keep in mind that ebooks are slightly different than the usual print books you will find in the nearest bookshop. Therefore, you need to think differently. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the pictures for your ebook should be extremely different, but maybe the effect that a print book picture would have on a potential reader would not be the same when it comes to a potential ebook reader. That is why you should open your eyes and think of something different, and more innovative. After all, we are talking about an innovative, virtual way of selling books, aren’t we?

The first thing you need to do is become inspired. You will need a daily dose of raw inspiration that will help you find the perfect picture for your ebook. We suggest you start wandering around and start taking photographs of each book cover in all of the bookshops in your city. By browsing through a pile of photographs, you might become more inspired to find the perfect cover for your ebook, too.

Another thing that can truly help you is browsing through all of the portfolios belonging to the best cover designers. We suggest you start browsing Scarlett Rugers, one of the best designers out there. Find a page of the top world designers and do some research on their work. Look around and find some photographs that inspire you.

After you do this, create a small yet effective list of all of those things you like and place them in different categories. Think about the style of the photo in general, typography, coloring, negative space, what should in general be written on the ebook cover and so on.

Another thing you should never forget to do is browse to those covers that will not have the same effect on you as those who you thought were brilliant. You should always take a little time and make some research on the things you do not like. That way, you will be able to grasp your style in your hands much easier. By doing this, you will slowly but surely start learning some basic things about all of those aspects of photography you do not want to mess around. You will learn what attracts your eye, which colors you prefer, and what is your favorite typography.

In the end, always make sure you will subconsciously (or very consciously!) create a connection between the written words and the cover. After all, the cover serves as the artistic part of the story. The cover is a visual story teller that will either make your potential readers become interested in the ebook or simply keep on scrolling down, looking for the perfect ebook and cover. Good luck!