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disadvantages ebook cover template

The Pros and Cons of Creating an eBook Cover Template

The Pros and Cons of Creating an eBook Cover Template

EBook coves are fun to do. Creating your eBook cover gives you a chance to express yourself and visualize in a different manner the theme or jest of your book. And with so many resources and tutorials out there you really don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a simple eBook cover. One of the ways to go is with an eBook cover template.

Ebook cover templates are easy to download and will give you basic guidelines to follow so even a beginner can handle his way into creating. So let’s consider the pros and cons of creating with an eBook cover template and whether you should do it.

– Pro side about creating with an eBook cover template is convenience. Templates are easy to use and require only modification of preset elements for you to create your eBook cover. What you need to do is choose each element and arrange text and image and you are done. EBook cover templates are certainly convenient which has resulted in their rise to popularity among eBook writers. Should you choose this path you will certainly have half the job done for you.

– Another pro side about creating with an eBook cover template is the set dimensions and bleed lines and rulers. For a beginner this can be of a huge help as you don’t have to focus so much on the technical part of creating and with the bleed lines and rulers set you can have a visual as to where to place the elements and where not to put important stuff in the design. Templates offer preset customized settings so that you don’t have to.

– The con side of creating a cover with your eBook cover template is restrictions. What can be considered guidelines for some can be considered as restrictions for others. Creating an eBook cover from scratch can give you bigger creative freedom and make self-expression easier. If the preset elements of an eBook cover template bother you and you wish you had a complete blank canvas to create this will definitely work as a con for you.

– Another con side about creating an eBook cover using a template is choice of software. This is a big one for beginners. Using templates restricts you to using a particular software in creating your eBook cover. There are different eBook cover templates out there but all of them work in a certain program. This restricts you from using a design websites to create your eBook cover. While a template may have guidelines but design website have variety of elements such as stock photos, different fonts, icons etc for you to choose when creating. A template just can’t compare with the full package that a design website can offer. So if you want to have everything in one place when you design your eBook cover, a template just can’t offer that to you.