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The Importance of a Professional eBook Cover

The Importance of a Professional eBook Cover

Imagine you are browsing for ebook and you have to decide which one to buy only according to its title. Imagine each book only has the title letters on it and blank cover. How would you feel about books if no book has a nice professional ebook cover?

Well, the first thing that instantly comes to our mind is that we will have to read all the descriptions and pick a book according to that fact that it might interest us. A huge amount of people still do that and don’t judge a book by its cover, but we firmly believe that the very first impression a book makes is thanks to its cover. How many of you bought a book because it looked really nice? I know I did, many times!

Okay, so we know ebooks don’t have a physical cover and cannot be put in the same basket as physical books, but believe me when I say, ebook covers matter and if you are serious in your writings and want to succeed in online marketing your book and thus, make sales, you really need to start thinking how to get a professional ebook cover.

The first and most important thing is to be aware of all the great things a nice cover can achieve. If you want your ebook to stand out from the huge crowd of ebooks, you need to put some effort in developing it like a real pro.

Here are a couple of things to consider before deciding to get a nice professional ebook cover:

  • it has to be related to the content
  • has to have a composition that is in accordance to the book in a whole (for eg. textbooks should have a simple design, novels should be more eye-catching and interesting)
  • has to reflect the personality of the book

Think about your ideal reader and what ebook cover could get his/her attention – is he serious, data-hungry or is looking for fun and engaging colors and designs? What image will encourage your reader to buy your book? Never choose an ebook cover because you like it and you find it appealing – instead, determine your perfect reader (your target customer) and after some analysis and research, decide which type of cover would best suit your writings! Good luck and don’t forget to browse our very own professional ebook covers!

5 Elements of a Perfect Ebook Cover

5 Elements of a Perfect Ebook Cover

Creating a perfect ebook cover that will make your book look serious and professional can be quite tricky, especially for young beginners.

Your ebook cover must not look like you have done it by using Word, because the sales of the book that you have written and were eager to show and sell to the world are definitely not going to become very high. The visual side of the written word (i.e. the ebook cover) plays a very important role in the sales of one book.

The first thing that you need to worry about is the design of the title. It should be easily readable. You should always make the title of the book in a different coloration than what you are about to place in the background.

Apart from that, opt for adding interesting effects. One of the most outstanding effects that will definitely make a difference in the entire aesthetic of the cover is the drop shadow. The title of the book should always be large enough to be read easily. The font should be concise and bold. Get a bit creative and do not simply go for a “Calibri” or an “Arial”. However, choose a font that will look perfect with the background image. As a conclusion, always go for a readable and clear title design.

The second secret is the art. When we say art, we actually mean photos, too.

In some cases, a minimalistic and solid colored photograph is the only thing you will need to sell a certain book. In other cases, you need a colorful illustration.

Always consult with a graphic designer if you are uncertain what you need to do with the art that will be placed on the cover. If you pick a photo, do not forget about the copyright laws depending on the state/country where you are printing your book. Never go for a cliché photograph if you want to have a bestseller. Get more creative and if you have some money on the side, hire a professional graphic designer or an artist.

The third secret is the branding, especially if you already own a business or if you work in a particular place. You might consider using the same fonts, graphics and even placing a logo at the end of the cover. You can also use imagery that you already use in your company. That way, your book will be easily connected to it.

Forth thing to think about is exploring. You have to know what is popular in the particular genre of yours. You should also know about your personal preference. Explore some art and start writing down important notes. A pattern will definitely emerge, regarding the fact that your taste is going to get fully formed after a while.

The fifth thing you need to know is not to go for a simple template. Buying a template ebook cover might not be the right thing to do, especially if you are beginner. After all, it is a template and many people can also buy the same template, even if they decide to personalize it, the basics such as the colors, fonts etc. are going to be the same.

How Buying an Ebook Cover Online Can Save you Both Time and Money

How Buying an Ebook Cover Online Can Save you Both Time and Money

Easier said than done. Not only the people judge the book by the cover but this is one of the main things they look when considering if they want to read it or no. You may think that this is a superficial approach and there is more to a book that just a picture on the first page. And generally there is but put yourself in somebody else shoes for a moment. You go to the bookstore and have a limited time to choose what you want to buy.

As we all know people are visual creatures and they will gravitate towards the books that can catch their eye. And the cover does exactly that. Catches the eye of the reader and makes them interested in the content. So when writing your book o Ebook you have a responsible job to now only write interesting content but to choose a cover that speaks volumes. Cover that can trigger something and make it interesting for the reader.

So you are writing your first, second or tenth eBook now.  You have worked hard to make the best of your text, proofread it, edited and changed it were it was necessary. And now the hard part of trying to explain your work to someone who has never heard about you and what you have to say. How can you do that and not crack to the pressure.

Hiring a designer for your book design can be one of the best or one of the worst thing that you can do. While hired designer can make your story come alive in just one page it can also confuse you and make you miss the point of your entire story  If you are not a designer yourself it can be hard to communicate with them and achieve your desired goal. Not to mention that designers cost a lot of money. So what can you do in this situations.

Whit the constant growth of the eBook Market and the high demand for this books a lot of people find comfort in buying Ebook cover online.

This new trend is saving time and money and it is so easy. This can sound scary but there are sites that offer templates of already designed one of a kind covers. All you have to do is choose from the thousands of designs and what is left to do is put the name of the book and your name. Only you will have the rights and only can use this template.

One of the advantages of choosing to buy your cover is that you will get inspiration even if you didn’t have one when starting to look at templates. With a lot of choices you will get an idea of what you want for your book and what will best represent your story to the readers.

Another think to consider is the cost of this kind of design. You will spend a fraction of the cost for hiring a professional designer.

Furthermore this templates are simple and edgy. They are adapted for a wide range of topics and this kind of picture or design can tell your story perfectly. Just remember that a pictures is worth a thousand words. You just have to choose the right one for your thousand words.

So you are probably thinking that there is a catch. Actually is important to state that this ready to go designs are not less good or they offer less quality. The thing that makes them cheaper and so easy available is the communication between the author and designer. Only thing that you don’t get are back and forth opinions. The quality of the pictures and the final look don’t suffer because of it’s availability.

After deciding on your book cover, the next big thing you have to expect are the reviews from the people that made the decision to buy your book.

 Where to Look for Inspiration for your Next ebook Cover Design

 Where to Look for Inspiration for your Next ebook Cover Design

Ebook cover designs are as important as the words written after you start reading. They should be legible and should always be full and in HD size in order to make everyone interested in buying a particular ebook. Even though you might not be a graphic designer, you can still create a fantastic ebook cover if you have enough inspiration for it.

There are some styles which are into fashion right now – for example the contemporary and asymmetrical style of creating book covers. That style never goes out of fashion we assume, according to the fact that is very simple but it can also be very effective. You can only use an image and that image should be fulfilling the entire cover of the book.

After that, decide some area of the cover where you will place the book’s title. The overlay should be grey colored and by that you will get that most-wanted minimalistic yet quirky effect. Always opt for simple and more pastel colors. Do not go with something too strong because the effect will not be the same. 

Another interesting thing that you can try if you need some inspiration for a great do it yourself ebook cover is monochromatic cover design. Use some different shades of one particular color or opt for black and white. That effect is always noticeable and makes people want to find out more about the story.

Another interesting inspiration for an effective ebook cover would be the vintage patterns. Vintage patterns are another thing that simply never goes out of style. All you need to do is try and find some vintage design that will not be cliché or over used and make a combination out of it. The colors which are in this year are usually pastel colors – purple, grey and brown subtle shades which are not too overwhelming. Reviewing old CD covers can also be very helpful and inspirational if you are trying to find the perfect graphic design for your ebook.

Old CD covers can usually help you find out what you want to include on your ebook cover. The most important thing would be not to go far away from the story that is inside of the book. The cover should serve as a representation of the story and that is why finding an appropriate cover is very important. If you need some genuine inspiration, look at old CD covers from the 90’s and vinyl covers from the 60’s and 70’s.

Sometimes, these retro images can help you create a mental image in your head and reach out for something more inspirational and innovative. Vintage never goes out of style so it seems the most appropriate style for new and aspiring beginners and writers of ebooks and stories.

All you need to do is look around for a design that has not been previously overused by other writers and graphic designers, because that will seem like way too non-inspirational, bland and boring.

Newest Trends in 3d Ebook Cover Design

Newest Trends in 3d Ebook Cover Design

3D ebook cover designs have been drastically changing since the beginning of 2017. They are basically the artistic visual part of the book that are making the potential buyers purchase a particular ebook. The design of the cover should always be some sort of an image that will guide you through the story that awaits inside of the ebook “pages”.

Its importance is quite huge, because each visual element of it can alter your personal impression in a totally different direction after seeing the cover design of a specific ebook.  In 2017, we have seen a couple of new alterations and changes in the way of designing covers.

Graphic designers such as Oliver Munday started creating more and more minimalistic designs, where they use strong and quite bold colors, a collage of images In very unique and unconventional method and quirky typography. The minimalistic approach is not truly about a lot of decoration. Instead, it is more focused on processing a story for the potential reader through one specific and minimalistic image.

Another trend that has become more popular amongst graphic designers this year is the illustrative way of creating an ebook cover. Ebook cover that look like illustrative art have become quite popular these days, especially ebook covers with animals on them.

The designers who create these type of covers generally use pastel colors or different shades of one color and make it look like they have been drawing it by hand. The illustrative approach makes the cover hit closer to home, and will make you feel like you are reading a book in your hands, not a book on your tablet, reader or laptop.

Illustrators from the USA have also started implementing more comic book designs into the latest ebook covers. This style is quite specific and very hard to pass by, because of its representative colors and edge and plus, it truly cannot be connected to any kind of book. It is a style that is very successful in different art and design movements, and it has finally started to become popular among graphic designers who create ebook covers.

It is a very old-fashioned yet intriguing approach to art that will definitely be approved and thus, accepted by a lot of potential ebook readers in the years ahead of us. It is vibrant yet very bold, and in most cases, artists use a lot of different colors and concepts when they create comic-look alike graphic design. 

Another interesting new trend among illustrators and graphic designers this year is folk art. Folk art generally represents more conservative topics which are happening in the past, and thus, it is perfect for ebooks that are based on a story from past times.

It is a very classic type of design that is generally accepted by all generations, and plus, it has a very nostalgic and melancholic touch that makes a lot of people think about past events or their native countries etc.

When Designing with eBook Template, be Careful about These 3 Things

When Designing with eBook Template, be Careful about These 3 Things

While designing an ebook template, you must be careful about several thing that might make your ebook template look either amazing or horrible. Creating ebooks is truly an art, something that not everyone out there is eligible to do. There several simple rules out there that need to be respected at all times if you want to create a successful ebook template.

The first thing you need to be careful about is its design and how it’s going to interest the audience you want to target. If you want to target adolescents, you can’t really go with pastel colors that will not leave any impression. If your ebook template is for the elderly, you should always opt for a more serious looking template. Finding out which is your number one target group is probably the most important thing you need to focus on when you start doing your ebook template.

Apart from that, you must remember that the ebook should always be readable. You should pick a good font and color and opt for more contrast on the template. It should always be readable, because that is the most important thing about your ebook. You want it to get stuck into your readers’ hearts and heads, not just make them think “well okay, I have already seen this tedious design hundreds of times”.

The third thing you need to remember and be careful about is the application that you are about to use while making your ebook template. The most important thing is definitely that you do not really need some super fancy or very expensive, over the top application in order to create a high quality ebook template. Your template can literally be done on a software such as Google Slides, PowerPoint or Keynote. Let’s remember that Michael Hyatt is one of the people who used some of these particular software for his ebook, and thus, that can truly serve as real inspiration.

Word processing programs such as Open Office, Microsoft Word, Google Docs etc. are always good for starters. All you truly need while you are creating an ebook template is an eye for aesthetics and a bit of wit. It is truly something that cannot be done without an eye for good color mixing. We recommend the iBooks Author tool by Apple, especially for those who are worried that the above mentioned programs are not good enough for creating a high-quality ebook template.

However, if you pick this particular tool, your ebooks can be sold only at the Apple store, at the section known as iBooks. That is one thing that we strongly dislike about this tool, but if you are up to it, you should check it out. It is very easy for usage and its design is completely amazing. Plus, it is free of charge, so you can at least give it a go and see if it is worth it or not! If you think this is not the appropriate tool for you, do not be shy and try some of the other tools that we mentioned.

The Benefits of Using an eBook Cover Template

The Benefits of Using an eBook Cover Template

Designing the cover of your book all by yourself may seem like a mission impossible, especially if you don’t consider yourself a designer. There are a lot of freelance designers who specialize in book covers that may work for you, but if you feel you are the type of person who wants to take matters into your own hands then designing the cover of your eBook yourself may be the smartest thing to do.

After all there are so many cover eBook templates to help you through the process and make things easier for you. So if you are amateur or even a professional, here’s why you should use a cover eBook template when designing an eBook cover.

1. The right dimensions

Cover templates come with preset dimensions. So when your publisher gives you the dimensions you need to make your cover in, you can just find and download the right cover eBook template for you and off you go. You won’t have to worry if your design undergoes some changes if you mix up the dimensions.

Once you are sure you have the right template you can go on and design. It’s always more fun to focus on the creative part rather than the technical. And there are different sizes you can choose from depending on the site you plan to sell your eBook on. You can even download different sizes and make the same cover to fit for different publishers.

2. Pre-set elements

Some templates may even have pre-set elements this way it will give you an idea of what you need to have on your eBook cover. They are just like instructions for designing. They guide you through the process. But even if you have pre-set elements you still have complete freedom to choose each and every one.

You can place your own image and choose your own font, choose size and add elements of your own as well. The options are limitless really, but the process is made all the more simple. There is no doubt that using a cover eBook template is really the easiest choice when designing a cover.

3. You can choose your design software

Cover eBook templates can come in different formats for different design software. This gives you the freedom to choose which software you are more comfortable with and which software can help you achieve the best results. Rather than using a design site, with a template you are free to use a software that you are already familiar with.

It is really easy, you just find the right template for you, download it, open it in the desired software and start creating. Sometimes you will find that the same format can be opened with more than just one software, this will give you the option to switch programs when working.

Best eBook Covers we Saw in 2016

Best eBook Covers we Saw in 2016

There are all kinds of ebook covers that you can find on the Internet, regarding the fact that ebooks have become extremely popular in the past year. We have prepared a small but intriguing list of the best ebook covers that impressed us in the past year.

The first one was submitted by Damon Freeman, an ebook cover for Keith Soares’ latest book.

This is truly a dramatic, mystic and a very exciting cover. It even won the award for best cover in 2016 in the non-fiction category. There is a backlit guy on the cover, you cannot really see his face, and that is the one thing that gives this cover a different edge.

The second cover on our list was submitted by Teddi Black, for the book Coffee cherry Cocoa Pod.

It is a very vintage-looking cover with a brilliant and subtle choice of layout, details and simple yet effective fonts. There is a small illustration that makes it a bit more eclectic, but all in all, this cover is truly the winner for us. A vintage, nostalgic cover and a very tempting non-fictional subject to read about.

The third cover on our list was submitter by the writer, Aidan Read. Read’s new book, Spectrum, is a sci-fi book with thriller motives. The cover is perfect for the topic of the book. It is simple, but it has depth in it. The eye is beautiful and the spectrum of colors that is used for the cover gives the cover an ethereal touch.

Clarissa Yeo is the designer of the Inspired by Frost cover. This is a bold cover, with strong yet effective colors on it. It has some intensity to it, and it is quite different from the other covers we have come across.

Alisa Kester’s cover for her new novel is perfectly themed for the novel’s story. This is novel based on time traveling and ghost hunting, so the whole concept of the cover goes perfectly with the story that you are just about to read. The colors are subtle and the cover is simple, but it will definitely impress anyone who has a thing for gothic art. We have one thing to add, though – the font used for the author’s name looks a bit unprofessional and kind of takes away from the entire concept of the picture.

Amelia Smith designed the cover for her latest book. It kind of reminds us of the “A song of ice and fire” series by George R. R. Martin, so we are not fully impressed by it. The concept is good, though, but there is lack in color. The colors are too blank, so the picture seems easily forgettable.

Andrew Buckley’s cover seems like the perfect modern cover for a fiction novel in the 21st century. The colors are super good, and the font is perfect. All in all – it looks like a professional cover that will definitely make you feel like reading the story.

How to Find the Best eBook Cover for Your Book

How to Find the Best eBook Cover for Your Book

Finding a best ebook cover might be a hard task, and by some people it may be even considered as something that must be done by a professional.

After all, the cover of an ebook is literally a strategically emotional and visual glance into everything that has been written and thus, lives among the pages of your book. Some people are into designing their own ebook cover, others are into hiring other people, and others find something simple online.

However, one this is definitely crucial – your cover must look professional. The first thing you need to know is that the covers of print books and the covers of ebooks are totally different. There are drastic differences among these two diverse types of books.

Traditional publishing is another thing, and online publishing is a newer way of presenting the written word to fans all around the globe. When you are looking for the perfect ebook cover for you, you should search for something modern, something that will strike some curiosity among readers. If you are uncertain if you should go for more colors or not – always choose minimalism. There is no way you will get it wrong if you go for a minimalistic art cover.

While searching, you really need to focus on getting some inspiration on a daily basis. You can go to the local bookshops and take a couple of photos. That way, you can look at all the different styles and covers that are designed specifically for different genres.

Always keep in mind that the size is also extremely important. The dimensions, resolution, file size and aspect ratio must be in perfect order. Look around for “IndieBook Covers” and “Williams Writing” to find out more about the basic rules of creating the perfect ebook cover.

Another important thing that should never be forgotten is using the perfect image for your ebook. Always make sure that you do not overdo it in Photoshop and never go full cliché.

Nobody wants to buy a book with some tacky photograph that looks like it has just been downloaded on Google. You need to be more creative and do a little research on photography and art before you choose the image that will suit your personal ebook.

After all, people can easily recognize cliché photography, and if you want to succeed, you should never go for the cliché image. It is definitely not a good thing to find a simple photograph on Pinterest or DeviantArt and just attach it as your ebook cover.

Always go for something original, something that will catch the attention of your readers. Cheesy stock images are definitely a no when it comes to ebook covers. Subtlety is another aspect that must not be forgotten. Always use photographs that can truly set a specific mood or in some way, truly portray all of the feelings that tend to burst out of the pages of your novel.

By choosing a genuine and original ebook cover, you will attract more readers. Subtlety is that one thing that should never be forgotten, especially when it comes to the artistic side of storytelling.

 Beautiful eBook Cover Trends for 2017

 Beautiful eBook Cover Trends for 2017

There is a whole bunch of ebook cover trends for 2017 that can serve as an inspiration for young writers and graphic designers. As every writer should know before publishing an ebook, the cover should always serve as a hint for the reader. Art should represent the written words – the difficulties and hidden sorrows in the book, or the bubbly and sunny comedic writings that await for potential readers.

After all, you cannot really use dark colors for a romantic novel, just as you cannot put rainbows on the cover of a sci-fi novel. There are hundreds of designers out there that know how to help you find the perfect cover (or should we refer to it as art?) for your newly published ebook. 

If you want it to be successful, always go for the best designers, because you do not really want your book to fail just because the art that you have personally picked didn’t really look good to your potential fans? If you are about to publish your new ebook and you need to get inspired, get inspired by the artists and themes we have picked for you.

We have created a small list with the most popular cover trends for 2017. There are interesting designs that truly vary in color and style. Finding a truly terrific design that is executed by and expert at the same time can be tiring these days. One thing every young aspiring author must have in mind is that the cover needs to somehow show what is inside of the book and thus, accentuate the writing topic.

The first thing we have noticed is that classic typography is back in the game. If your book is somewhat more academic, then classic typography and an original and serious old artwork are the perfect option for you.

If you have written a fiction novel, then get inspired by Albaugh’s book “Grim Nora and the Secret of the Skull”. It is a simple yet effective cover that basically has the main theme as the perfect layout, a pocket watch that is shaped as a skull. The cover is dark, just like the book that awaits for the reader.

Another inspiring ebook cover was the “Into the Air” cover created by Aimee Downing. This picture truly shows two different worlds that oppose in the book.

It manages to show the underground surroundings. and the above-ground society. The letter font is perfect and the colors are subtle yet effective. A beautiful and simple monochrome green and blue palette somehow manages to speak to the reader quite effectively.

Another trend that we have noticed this year are the simple elements and symbols that are quite popular among contemporary fantasy writers. We have analyzed Alexandra Brandt’s design of “A simple love story”, an ebook cover containing the moon and a magnolia tree, in which the moon has Celtic knots. These elements serve as hints for the story that awaits for the reader. The colors might be a bit too plain for a fantasy novel, though.

Even though this ebook cover has been voted as one of the best for this year, we’d go with different colors, maybe something pastel, but definitely not blue and pale orange blended into one cover.